dead stone

March 7, 2014

stone 1
stone 2
stone 4
stone 6
stone 5
(Photos: Janine Joles)

What a colossal waste of life spending one's time trying to fit in for fear of being singled out and ostracised from the pack...

ahoy there!

September 10, 2013

sailing trivia sign - the captain's word is law
Robin manning the boat
Riva del Garda, lake, windsurfers
sail lines
my feet
views of mountain Lake Garda
yacht boat called enjoy
catamaran sailing Lake Garda
buoys boat yacht
Guido enjoying the sailing on Lake Garda
inside the yacht Lake Garda
Cristina enjoying the sailing
wooden yacht
Guido enjoying the sailing on Lake Garda
(Photos: Janine Joles)

Last Friday Guido and I were treated to a few hours sailing on the lake near Riva Del Garda. Being a fairly new experience for me, I quite enjoyed the whole dynamism between the need for protocol in the pursuit of relaxation. All in all it was an exhilarating day trip, and that night we slept like babies...

summer so far - part III

August 26, 2013

wooden tree stump
tea break, cappuccino and cake
sky with clouds
rushing river
light through trees
cloudy sky
(Photos: Janine Joles)

Often it's the simplest things that make me the happiest: a blue sky with wispy clouds, the concentric pattern of tree stump, the sound of rushing water. Could it be because these things inspire me to slow down, to pause in the moment, and to appreciate the subtle, yet endless beauty found beneath all the chaos?

summer so far - part II

August 23, 2013

view Riva Del Garda from boat
view from a window, Lake Garda
Castle Sirmione, Italy
Castle Sirmione, Italy
early morning across Lake Garda
climbing roses Italy
family - mom and Diane
Diane smelling the rosesclimbing roses Italy
architectural detail Bardolino, Italy
self portrait
Sirmione ruins, Lake Garda Italy
art in the park
building skyline
early morning shadows
Diane taking photoview through window
tree silhouette
staircase castle
Garda Lake evening, boats
(Photos: Janine Joles)

This summer my mother and my aunt from England came to visit for two weeks. Us girls planned a road trip, or I should rather say a boat trip, south down Lake Garda to the picturesque peninsula town of Sirmione. We stayed in the nicest bed and breakfast situated literally alongside the castle and on the waters edge. The lake views from our bedroom window where spectacular; you could even hear the sound of waves lapping during the night.

Sirmione is quaint and relatively easy to explore thoroughly by foot. First in the central old town of Sirmione there is the 13th century Scaliger Castle whose medieval fortified interiors and 360 degree panoramic views are really worth a look. Then for a small fee you are free to roam over the extensive archaeological site of an ancient Roman villa called The Grottoes of Catullus located on the end tip of the peninsula. There are also many beautiful walks, and if you get tired of all the sightseeing there is a multitude of boutiques, trinket shops and gelaterias back in the old town for your perusing pleasure.

If you wish to visit be sure to book into the Hotel Meublé Grifone - I can vouch that along with the perfect location, stunning bedroom views, and the largest breakfast buffet ever, you'll find the friendly owner of the hotel a real sweetheart!

In a nutshell I must say that Sirmione in the summer is really charming...

summer so far - part I

August 20, 2013

wild red poppies in summer
wild red poppies in summer
Sarca fiume river Dro Italy
Sarca fiume river Dro Italy
abstract lines pylon against sky
wild red poppies in summer
wild dry grass summer
green vineyards Dro Italy
(Photos: Janine Joles)

Summer so far has been great, albeit for the pesky mosquitoes ;) I can't believe how quickly time has flown over these past few months; I suppose that's what happens when you're having fun!

We've been keeping ourselves busy outdoors - hiking, running, cycling - basically making the most of this divine weather. We've also enjoyed swimming in the lake, the long evenings on the balcony, and our vegetable patch that has been giving and giving.

How about you? How has your summer been so far?
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