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September 10, 2013

sailing trivia sign - the captain's word is law
Robin manning the boat
Riva del Garda, lake, windsurfers
sail lines
my feet
views of mountain Lake Garda
yacht boat called enjoy
catamaran sailing Lake Garda
buoys boat yacht
Guido enjoying the sailing on Lake Garda
inside the yacht Lake Garda
Cristina enjoying the sailing
wooden yacht
Guido enjoying the sailing on Lake Garda
(Photos: Janine Joles)

Last Friday Guido and I were treated to a few hours sailing on the lake near Riva Del Garda. Being a fairly new experience for me, I quite enjoyed the whole dynamism between the need for protocol in the pursuit of relaxation. All in all it was an exhilarating day trip, and that night we slept like babies...


  1. Looks amazing, must have been a great experience!

  2. Thanks Liza... it was an amazing day!!


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